Marine Navigation / Charts USA Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Navionics Boating US & Canada iOS App Review

Navionics Boating US & Canada iOS App Review $14.99 The world's top ...

Cheap Marine GPS Chart Plotter For iPhone & Smart Phones

Now you can use your Smart Phone as an inexpensive Chart Plotter while on your boat or tender. I have been using the Navionics ( ...

Marine Navigation / Charts USA - APK Review

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Navigation App Review

Comparing several popular Android apps for boat navigation.

i-Boating:USA : Marine & Lakes - APK Review

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Review, Marine Navigation app for Android, Plan2Nav

In this short review I discus the Plan2Nav app for android after 1 year and about 400 miles of navigation around the 1000 islands.

Navionics+ Subscription on Boating App 2015

Find out about Navionics Boating: The Navionics+ one-year subscription to overwhelming value includes: Nautical ...

Navionics Boating: Autorouting 2015 for iPhone and iPad ~Autorouting functionality on Navionics Boating for iPhone and iPad enables dock to dock route planning. Now it's ...

Marine Charts App For Android

Be sure to checkout to find out marine navigation features of the nautical chart app.

Test app android Navionics Marine Europe (Boating HD) FR

Test de l'application android "Navionics Marine" ou "Boating HD" GPS marin avec fonction évoluées, sur téléphone.

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